JanMichael GuzmanI design graphical interfaces and user experiences for client facing SaaS. Working in a product driven enviornment to produce attrative and useful UIs has been the center of my professional focus for more than 10 years.

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  • Interface Design My current professional work focuses on desktop software-as-a-service as the Senior UI Designer for 1010data.

    Our team is currently developing a new product offering slated to launch in 2020 and I am the principal designer on that project. Download Resume

    From user flows to wireframes, and from component libraries to high fidelity designs...

    My design process focuses on the audience first, addresses their needs, and details a plan to help them achieve their goals.

    Good design begins with an outline based on the user's path and evolves into wireframes for basic review, testing, iteration, and optimization.

    I create custom component libraries & work with existing design systems...

    I aim to make the design process fast and nimble. Through the use of well thought out libraries we can speed up the design cycle.

    The component design philosophy allows us to creating familiar experiences that strengthen intuition by applying the same solution to the same problem across environments.

    Web based software is my driving interest and career focus ...

    I aim to produce designs that reflect both what a user is capable of within an interface, and the relay product's internal character.

    Below are some high fidelity layouts that express my level of detail and design aesthetic for their respective products.

    Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to get in contact please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or check out my Instagram.

    JanMichael Guzman
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