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I design graphical interfaces within the data, financial, and marketing industries. Designing sleek and usable experiences has been the center of my professional focus for more than 10 years.

UI/UX Design Wire-framing Research + Reporting HTML/JS Prototyping Sketch Photoshop Illustrator Blender 3D Premiere NodeJS Firebase SVN/GIT

1 } Discover

The first phase is a deep dive into the current state of the product. I seek to understand end user work flow, the application’s functionality, and its current limitations by speaking with the most invested parties. The aim is to collectively shape the definition of the design language through a persona driven process.

2 } Define

The following phase identifies, isolates, and characterizes individual elements throughout the product as a reference for the deployment process. Designing and defining visual elements such as buttons, icons, fonts and colors into a reference dictionary for cohesion across various avenues of deployment (desktop & mobile for example).

3 } Deploy

Once the design language has been defined, the user interface can be arranged and deployed as working examples of the final product either via UI applications such as Sketch or Figma, or HTML and JavaScript mockups.

4 } Develop

The process is rounded out by iterating and refining the application’s UI through user testing and persona surveys.


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